This is Dr. Heather Desh, she's a board certified orthodontist, and she loves what INBRACE does for her patients and her practice.

There is a new name for invisible: INBRACE. A new paradigm in orthodontic mechanics and ease of use, INBRACE is 21st century aesthetic orthodontics.


Braces. Reinvented.

INBRACE Smartwire technology is the most advanced innovation in orthodontics since Invisalign arrived in the 1990s. Twenty years of advances in AI, 3D image processing, and materials science and you have INBRACE.


A Better Patient Experience

Satisfied patients love telling their friends about INBRACE. While INBRACE is hidden, patients can't stop showing it off to their friends, family, even on Instagram, because they have never seen anything like it before. Most new INBRACE patients are referred by current INBRACE patients.


Join the (IN) Crowd

Let your prospective patients know that not all orthodontic practices are the same. By offering INBRACE you are sending a message to patients: you offer the most advanced solutions AND you care about each patient's experience.

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Dr. Hany Youssef of Fitsmiles Orthodontics, Tustin CA

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Treatable cases


Patients with moderate crowding are ideal candidates for INBRACE treatment

INBRACE Smartwire technology is effective in treating a wide variety of malocclusion types that impact most patients. Visit our technology page for more information about the types of cases best treated by INBRACE.

Treatable cases